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Unleash the Fun with Yidi G1: Your Cute & Compact Parent & Child e-bike!

Buckle up for an extraordinary family ride with Yidi G1 electric bike! This compact and funky parent and child e-bike is your ticket to unlimited fun and exciting memories.

Powered by a zippy 500W Brushless Motor and a reliable 48V 8AH Lithium Battery, the Yidi G1 packs a punch, reaching exhilarating speeds of up to 35±KM/H and covering a playful distance of 30±KM on a single charge.

Pedal-free and parent-friendly, the Yidi G1 allows you to cruise effortlessly alongside your child, creating magical bonding moments as you explore the world together.


Safety comes first with Front Disc and Rear Drum Brakes for quick and responsive stops. Glide smoothly on its 11" Pneumatic tires, while front and rear suspensions ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey for both parent and child.

With its cute and charming design, the Yidi G1 features a battery indicator display and built-in lights, adding a touch of magic to your rides.


The Yidi G1 is easy to maneuver and transport, while its impressive max load capacity of 140±KG ensures it's a perfect fit for parents and kids alike.


Experience the joy of creating lasting memories as you ride side by side.

  • Specifications

    Overall dimension: 1020*580*1030mm

    Power: 500W Brushless Motor

    Battery: 48V 8AH Lithium Battery

    Charging time: 4-5 Hours

    Max distance: 30±KM

    Max speed: 35±KM/H

    Brake type: Front Disc & Rear Drum

    Max load: 130±KG

    Tire size: 10" Pneumatic tires

    Battery Indicator display: Yes

    Lights: Yes

    Suspension: Front & Rear

    Weight: 28KG

  • Unique Features

    Front & rear suspension

    LED headlight with horn

    Key entry & remote alarm

    Foldable stem

    Child seat

    Rear basket

  • Additional Items Provided


  • Warranty Period

    We cover 1 year limited warranty for this model


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