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in Review:best midrange and affordable

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

In this review, we would like to share the specs and riding impression about this venomous electric scooter.

eforge VENOm Electric scooter

Equipped 1000W dual motor on the front and back, this bad boy can pack a punch when you need torque in your ride. Not only that, it comes with mechanical disc brakes (not the best) but it does its job pretty well in slowing you down in a fast pace. Last but not least, with attractive LED lights strip at the bottom of the deck, no one can miss you when you are zooming by.

Below are some highlighted feature photos:


Riding performance (Acceleration, Top speed, Hill climbing)

The Venom can be quite speedy when you are on a dual motor mode with turbo mode enabled. Almost every take-off from a stationary position will include a little front wheel spin. You will definitely need the torque if you need to climb some slopes/hills. But if you need it to go slow and comfortable ride, just switch on the single motor and eco mode. You can have the best of both world in one scooter!

As for the top speed, the factory claims that it can go up to 55km/h but it surprised us and exceeded the speed limit and can reach up to 65km/h during our riding performance tests with a rider weighing at about 75kg.

Venom has the capability of doing incline of hills at max 35 degree, depending on the riding and distance of the hills as well.

Portability (Weight, Folding)

Weighing at 29kg-ish it's not the lightest but it won't break your back if you need to carry it or storing it into your car trunk or running up just some few stairs. Equipped with a quick unlocking rugged clamp on the stem and foldable handlebars that is easy for you to store.


Well equipped with a proper mechanical disc brakes that will definitely do the job if you need to drop down any anchor. Not the best in the market, but it does the job and makes you feel safe during riding. But hey, if you wish to have hydraulic brakes, it does comes with zoom hydraulic brakes if you need it! Just let us know if you wish to opt for it.

Riding Experience (Range, Riding quality)

As for the range, venom is equipped with a 52V 18.2AH lithium battery that can easily travel up to 50km, depending on terrain and which mode selected. During our riding test, we are able to get at least 45KM with a rider of 70kg on dual turbo mode and remains a bar without depleting the Venom.

Getting on the Venom, feels comfortable like riding on cloud due to firm yet reactive suspensions on the front and back. The damping of the suspensions are harder compared to the regular ones. This is to prevent it from bottoming out and to provide longer lasting ride but you will get to use once you ride it often.

Build Quality (Tires, Deck, Lights)

Venom is build by forged aluminium to provides lightweight and solid structure during riding. It is also designed with a very skeletal design on the body to make it more unique!

Having a 10" pneumatic tires is also a plus as it will provide more damping if you are riding through smaller cracks or doing those jump on speed bumps. Includes with the latest design tire-hugging fenders that are mounted very solidly so that they wont wiggle or rattle during riding.

Providing a 46.4cm long & 22.9cm wide deck that allows you to position your foot in any way. And the best part about Venom is that the factory has come to its consideration of having a grooved footrest, as it's solid built can be used to lift the scooter and also allowing riders to place their foot on it to provide a more sliding forward stance. This is suitable for speeding or tall riders to have a more stable riding position (also for aerodynamics)

The LED lights on Venom is one of the standout features as well. Having a bright royal blue LED deck light will let you shine around during the night-time and be more noticeable during riding. At the front and rear it is also equipped with LED lights but we would advise you in adding more lights, including high mounted headlight for better vision and attaching a back lights on your bag pack or helmets.


Overall it is impressive in terms of riding performance and experience. The Venom might not be the leading electric scooter in the market, doesn't have the premium upgrades but it doesn't comes with a luxury pricing. With the features that this electric scooter has to offer, it is definitely worth it to invest on!


Overall dimension : 1300*1260*340mm

Power : 1000W Dual Brushless Motor

Battery : 52V 18.2AH Lithium Battery

Charging time : 6-7hours on dual charger

Max distance : 60±KM

Max speed : 65 KM/H

Brake type : Front & Rear Mechanical Disc

Max load : 120±KG

Tire size : 10" Pneumatic tires

Weight : 29KG

Optional upgrades

52V 18.2AH (original spec)

52V 23AH LG

60V 21AH Samsung 1200W*2 Zoom Hydraulic Brakes

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