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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

When you are referring to the size and weight, DYU ebike is one of the pioneer in manufacturing the best of both categories in the market. We are proudly introduce the all new DYU D3F & D3+ into our family.



There are a few types of D Series , but what we actually getting in Malaysia is the model of D3F and D3+. These two mini Ebike does comes with cycling pedal which also consist of "Pedal Assist" functions, which is the requirement for any ebike allow on the road. Check out this video of the DYU D3F model:

Powerful Brushless Motor This mini Ebike equipped with a powerful motor which is suitable for a daily commute and able to conquer most of the difficult road path. The DYU D3+ and D3F are powered by 240W brushless motor. Its able to produce great torque and able to achieve maximum speed of 30Km/H . 4th Generation FOC Controller The 4th Generation FOC controller does come with many benefits in terms of protection and power flow. Its create direct response whenever you twist the throttle and the 4th Generation FOC controller will give direct sense to the motor. Aside from the power, its designed to fully seal in order to prevent dust , shock and its water resistant.

BRAKE SYSYTEM Braking System is the most priority when its come to safety. The DYU D3F and D3+equipped with Dual Braking System which located at the front wheel and rear wheel. These new invented braking system allow you to achieve shorter braking system with only 1.8m in dry condition and 2.5m in wet condition.*

APP Function with GPS System The all new APP Function with GPS system is only applicable to the latest model DYU D3+. These APP allow you to control the whole ebike through your phone. From unlocking the maximum speed to 30Km/h , On-Off System , Battery gauge and etc. The most important things for this Apps does actually come with Self Checking system. These Self Checking system is so great that it will scan the whole bike and make sure its perfect to ride.

Other Details and Pictures

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