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The best Pet eBike in town - Lihaze SQ-1 and RD-1

Over the years, we have received numerous enquiries regarding on large storage and pet ebike. And right now, we are answering all your enquiries. Lets us introduce you the sporty yet trendy outlook Ebike. The LIHAZE SQ-1 and RD-1.

LIHAZE SQ-1 (2 Seater)

LIHAZE RD-1 (3 Seater)

LIHAZE Ebike is well-known for its great large storage that designed in the middle of the frame. It's large enough for you to actually fit any small pets around. There are 2 types of Lihaze Ebike available in EFORGE BIKES. The 2-Seater (SQ-1) and 3-Seater (RD-1) options.

Dedicated for PETS Owner Whenever you are having a small pets and wanted an Ebike that able to carry it around. You are definitely referring to both of these model : SQ-1 and RD-1. With the large storage compartment in the middle of the frame, your lovely small pets does actually fit into without having too many obstacle around and staying comfortability.

Multiple Seater Choices LIHAZE Ebike does come with 2-Seater and 3-Seater. For 2 Seater (SQ-1), the outlook design is slightly more squarish. Its does look more aero-dynamic types of ebike . As for 3-Seater (RD-1), its a round shape of Ebike .

Picture above is referring to LIHAZE RD-1*

Picture above is referring to LIHAZE SQ-1*


LIHAZE EBIKE is powered by 48V 12ah Lithium Battery. With such high capacity, you are able to ride up to 40KM in distance. Best part for LIHAZE Ebike, the battery is removable! Such a convenient way to charge even if you staying at high rise condominium. Just remove the battery and charge at home.


LIHAZE Ebike equipped with front disk brake and rear drum braking system. Its able to perform decent braking system for the provided speed. The best part for having rear drum brake is low maintenance.


Another safety features comes in this ebike is having a bright LED front light.

Other Pictures and Details

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