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Take care of your things and it will take care of you.

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Taking care of your PEV will lengthen the life span of your PEV and even make it looking new all the time. Here are few pointers on taking care of your PEV.


It is normal for the charger to be warm at touch during charging. Allow the battery to cool down before charging and always turn on the charger before plugging into your PEV. Always charge at the outdoors or under supervision. Avoid over cluttered terminals and do not over night charge.

For correct charging, connect all wire to the charger, on the switch and plug in the charging connectors to your PEV.

RED means it's charging and GREEN when it is completely charged. Switch off the terminal and keep the charger after cooling.

Avoid parking or keeping your PEV under hot areas which may cause decay cells on the battery life.


Only clean with damp cloth as direct spray may cause water to sip into electrical joints. Inspect on your brake pads and rotors health by touch or sight.

Lubricate joints with grease and on moving parts will make the components move easier. Tighten arm screws or any screws that are on moving parts.

Applying thread locker will be a good application on screws as it protect the screws and nuts from loosening too quickly and also preventing from rust.

Check on tire wears and pressure before every ride to avoid premature tire wear and also internal wall thinning which may cause puncture on high speeds or bumps.

If your PEV has chains, do proper chain maintenance by cleaning the chain with brush and apply grease/chain lubes/dry lubes after cleaning. Avoid riding under the rain but it is okay for splashes on road for most PEV.


For electric scooters, when accelerating lean forward to prepare for riding posture and during slowing down or braking, lean backwards while knee slightly bend for better balancing and weight distribution.

Avoid hopping over anything more than one feet drop which may cause damage to your scooter. Avoid jamming the brakes too abruptly which may cause sliding. If possible do alternate braking on the front and back for better deceleration.

Standing position is also very important on riding a scooter. It is best not to stand two feet together as braking/accelerating may stress the stem and may cause premature bending and cracking on the folding joint. The safest stance on the scooter is by placing your feet front and one at back at the furthers point on the deck.


Riding is great for leisure rides with friends or family, past time hobby or also for a short commute. Always remember we are small on the road, always being visible on the road to avoid any mishaps. Use reflective clothing or accessories with blinking light at the rear of the rider. It is prohibited the use your PEV on main roads and highways. It is safer to ride on bicycle lanes and pedestrian footpaths.

Always pay attention on what is in front and road conditions whether there is a pothole or bumps coming up ahead. Slow down on down hills or if there is sand or puddle of water on the road.

It is advised to use a helmet at all times during the ride and on electric scooters, we also advise to have protective gears on the elbow, shin/knee guards and also gloves for your hands. Anyhow it'll make you look stylo!

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