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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

The rapid growth of fat-tire folding Electric Bicycle is a great news for all the cyclist. This is the great solution for anyone who wants a comfortable ride over a long distance and the best things is that it is foldable and fit table in car trucks. The ENGWE ENGINE PRO 750W Electric Bicycle as it seems to be the perfect one based on the design and specifications.

The Built - In Waterproof LG Cell Lithium Battery

The ENGWE ENGINE PRO 750W uses the high grade LG Cells Lithium Battery with the specification of 48V 16ah Version and its Build - In Waterproof Design. There are 3 ways of using this E-bike (Fully Electric Mode , Pedal Assist Mode or Manual Mode). With this capacity, you can achieved maximum range of 80KM on Fully Electric Mode and 100KM on Pedal Assist Mode. With the newly design 3.0 BMS (Battery Management System) functions, its provides Auto Voltage Test & Protection functions. That's mean you are well protected all sort of worriedness on overcharging issue and over voltage current issue.

I-ERS Power Regeneration 750W Motor

By looking at the current market, it's very rare finding to have such high power 750W Brushless Motor to be installed on a folding Fat-Tires Electric Bicycle. The ENGWE ENGINE PRO 750W is one of them. This model equipped with a strong 750W Brushless Motor which able to produce maximum of 45KM/H (with loaded on) and Maximum of 55km/h (with Pedal Assist Mode).

When it come to speed, what we are really looking for is the torque power. This motor produce 60N/m Torque with the maximum of 700watts Peak Output. To explain in short, you will now able to experiences the "sport car" feels whenever you hit on the throttle button.

The Hydraulic Braking System and the 20 x 4.0 Tires

No matter what types of Micro Mobility or any type of E-bike you are using, safety is always the priority . The ENGWE ENGINE PRO 750W does equipped with the phenomenon Hydraulic Braking system on both of the wheels. It provides great braking experiences without having any discomfort feelings. With the installation of Chao - Yang Brand 20 x 4.0 All-Terrain Tires, it does increase your safety level and provide more sturdy ride on any road terrain.

Aluminum Shock- Absorbing Front Fold with Mechanical Lock

Front Shock Absorbing is fun. It provides high level of comfort on your daily riding. However, this is not just a normal front shock. Instead, it does consist of Mechanical Locking System on it. The main functions of this Mechanical Locking system on Front Shock Absorber is to allow you to adjust the Soft - High experiences on different road terrain. Now you will never worry about having a single tune on Front Shock Absorber anymore!

Add On - Middle Suspension

Now you have Front Shock Absorber, why not having both site? The ENGWE ENGINE PRO 750w provides another great riding experiences by having Middle Suspension installed near right below the Seat Post. It allow you to experiences a better riding experience even if you accidently hit on any port holes.

More Pictures and Accessories Part of ENGWE ENGINE PRO 750W

That is the product review on ENGWE ENGINE PRO 750W. If you like to experiences by yourself, please feel free to drop by to our showroom at Taman Mayang Jaya . PJ outlet or Waze EFORGE BIKES. Do call or Whatsapp us at 016-2088738.

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