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ZEUS Electric Horn

ZEUS Electric Horn

Zeus Electric Horn (125dB) with USB charging.


The electric horn has similar structure for cars & motorcycles, which is different from traditional type of bicycles & scooters. It utters stable and solid siren warning sound in high volume, clearly audible in heavy traffic.


Equipped with 1300mah rechargeable battery, the horn supports long time of work and standby. The alloy housing ensures weather-proof and service time. Optional L or I shaped holder provides downward mount on stem or front post, saving occupation on handlebar


• Robust electric bell, high volume loudspeaker for audio warning

• 1300mah li battery embedded, usb charge, long time work and standby

• Plated alloy housing, not plastic, weather-proof and durable use

• Comes with holder for down forward install, less occupation on handlebar



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