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KAABO Wolf Warrior King GT Pro / Pro+

KAABO Wolf Warrior King GT Pro / Pro+

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior King GT is the best in class of all scooters. Dominate the road and nature alike in this heavy-duty, all-terrain electric scooter. The aggressive Wolf King GT pushes the envelope to redefine what multi-purpose electric transportation means. Tame any road and conquer off-road riding with the dual motor and 11-inch wheels on the Wolf King GT with the latest anti-puncture tires.

  • Specifications

    Overall dimension:  1280*640*320mm

    Power: 2000W X2 Motor

    Battery: 72V35AH Lithium Battery

    Charging time: 12 Hours (Dual Charger)

    Max distance: 140±KM

    Max speed: 100±KM/H

    Brake type: Hydraulic Brakes

    Max load: 150±KG

    Tire size: 11" Pneumatic tires

    Battery Indicator display: Yes

    Lights: Yes

    Suspensions: Front & Rear

    Weight: 52KG

  • Unique Features

    Motorcross shock absorbers

    Hydraulic Brakes

    Bright LED front & rear lights

    Trigger throttle display (3 speed modes)

    Eco/Turbo Mode, Single/Dual Motor Mode


    2 Options of Controller (Mini Motors or SineWave Controllers)

  • Additional Item Provided



  • Warranty Period

    We cover 1 year limited warranty for this model


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