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1000LM Rechargeable Bicycle Light

1000LM Rechargeable Bicycle Light

Material: aluminum alloy, acrylic.

Color: as shown in the figure.

Dimensions: 6.5*3.8*3.6CM.

LED: T6X2 strong light 1000LM.

Battery: 3.7V1200mA.


Description: USB charging mode is convenient and simple. T6 bright lamp bead, the flash is very bright, and there are 6 flash modes.

There are four electric quantity display cells on the top, each representing 25 of electric quantity, and the electric quantity can be clearly known at all times.

IPX5 rainproof grade, not afraid of rainy weather, and can be used in rainy days avoid soaking water for a long time).

Suitable for various working environments, 25~52, and can be used at any temperature.

Fast installation, complete installation in 10 seconds, and can rotate 360 degrees.

High brightness display, it can be clearly photographed within 200 meters, and it is very suitable for riding at night.


Headlight parameters: LED: T6X2 strong light 1000LM. Battery: 3.7V1200mA.

Working time: 2-3 hours under strong light.

Charging time: 1 hour.

Operating temperature: 2552 C.

Shell material: aluminum alloy.

Product dimensions: 65*39*38mm.

Charging cable: 60cm/1A.

Working mode: 5 light-emitting modes,

Electricity display 25%-50%-75%-100%, Switch to find the display light the light is always on), Left and right warning lights on both sides lights are always on).


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