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What's the best ebike for you?

Here are some tips to consider when buying an ebike.


MOTOR - The key that generates the speed of the the ebike.

BATTERY - The Power and Distance that the ebike can go.

CONTROLLER - The brain of the ebike.

how to choose the right ebike

TERRAIN - Choosing the right ebike is crucial as Gears and Tire size and type plays a big role in an ebike.

RIDER - Weight and Height is a factor to lookout as comport and power may differ from models. Having bigger wheels is much more comfortable but may take up space during transport and storing. Also select the best power output best to suit the riders style.

STORAGE - Always plan where will the ebike be stored. Storing at a dry and shaded place is the best.

how to care about your ebike

CLEANING - Use a damp cloth to clean as direct water may sip into electrical components. Certain parts of the ebike is able take direct water but just be cautious on the electrical areas.

RIDING - Make sure the battery is fully charged and brakes are working well. Always be aware of your surroundings. Always allow the battery to cool down before charging and charge at supervised open area.

WEATHER - Riding under the rain is not advisable as most ebikes are splash proof only. Don't leave it under the hot sun. Best to check daily weather forecast before riding to avoid disappointment. Here are a few great ebikes EFORGE Bikes has to offer. < CLICK HERE TO VIEW >

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