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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Pet Electric Foldable Bike

Wish to bring your pets along with you for a evening ride? Then we've got the best e-bike that suits you! A three wheeler e-bike that is suitable for anyone to ride with & it comes with a pet compartment area to fit your pet. It also comes with a child seat right ontop the pet compartment area so you can even bring your child along with you! How great is that! So stay tuned for more about this cool e-bike that is coming!

Unique Design

Besides being just a pet electric foldable bike, this model its a 3-wheeler so it is suitable for any type of people that aren't good in balancing as well. And you have a large carrier area to put in your groceries if you don't have a pet.

Color Options

It comes in two different type of color to matches your own style! We have a pure snow white version and a funky pink! How cool is that!


400W Motor 48V 10AH

Although this model looks slightly smaller but it is equipped with a 400W brushless motor and it comes with a 48V 10AH lithium battery.

So stay tuned and follow our Facebook Page! We will update it once it arrives!

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