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Updated: Mar 17, 2023


To start of with, SAMEBIKE has a long history in making one of the best Electric Bicycle in the industry. They are reputable in their well-known brand with consistent high quality built-up and go through intensive product control in order to meet the market standard. Recently they had revamped the 20'inch daily street Electric Bicycle to the next level. The SAMEBIKE XD30-II or called it as "20LVXD30-II"

SAMEBIKES XD30-II uses the latest 18650 Battery packs which consist of 499Wh Power - Efficient battery to provides sufficient powers and enabling you to rode maximum of 35KM in Pure Electric Mode and maximum of 80KM in Pedal Assist Mode.

When it's come to latest battery packs, we are not only talking about the voltage output. Instead, there are many other features that provides longer lasting battery life spend and safety functions. To name a few, it's provides balance power for daily ride, overcharge & over discharge protection, Circuit flood protection and many others more.

SAMEBIKE XD30-II uses 350W Powerful Motor, which enable you to travel with maximum of 35km/h speed all day long. With 48V 10.4ah Lithium Battery, it generates considerable torque as well. So it is so easy to ride on any roads.

Unlike any others, SAMEBIKES XD30-II enable you to climb up to 15 degree slope without any hassle. Thanks to the 48V 350W powerful motor that is sufficient to provide such strength and you will hardly needed to cycle along the way to reach your destination.

When it comes to comfort and safety functions, SAMEBIKES XD30-II never ever compromise as its core value. This model come with high quality Front Fork Suspension System, which effectively reduces the disruption and able to responds to various road conditions. It provides the maximum comfort level for your daily riding experience even though you accidently hits on the ports hole. Aside from that, the Disc Brake System also provide the safety functions that equipped on both of the wheels. It uses the high quality braking system that enable you to stop at the right times during high speed without any discomfort feeling.

SAMEBIKES XD30-II uses the high grade 7 Shimano Shifting Gears. It provides smooth and steady shifting experiences when you are in the manual mode.


And that concludes our short review about the SAMEBIKE XD30-II. Test ride are available at our showroom. Ready stock while stock last. For more info, you can contact us at 016-2088738 whatsapp. Thank you.

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