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JiMove RC 35ah - Biggest Li-ion Battery to go further.

Proudly introduce you our latest product line - up for JIMOVE Ebike . Lets welcome the only and the biggest Li-ion Battery Capacity - JIMOVE RC 35aH.

JIMOVE Ebike is one of the well-known brand for the sturdy structure frame and long lasting battery. With the latest build-up 35ah Li-Ion Battery, it can last you estimated about 100KM with full electric mode and up to 160KM with Pedal Assist mode.


JIMOVE RC is equipped with 48V 350W, and 35ah Lithium Battery. It's so huge that is only capable to install outside of the frame. Rest assured, the battery is removable , which means that you are allow to remove it and separate charge at your preference location. SPEED MODE CONTROL & HYDRAULIC BRAKING SYSTEM

JIMOVE RC 35AH comes with full throttle and pedal assist mode. With full throttle , It allows you to travel up to 100KM without any worry. However, if you would like to have some exercise or wanted to prolong the distance , you are always able to switch to Pedal Assist mode. With this functions, the system has converted into "Semi - Auto", which allow you to travel up 160KM with just single charged.

Aside from that, JIMOVE RC 35aH also equipped with Hydraulic Braking system instead of normal cable system. It's provide much smoother braking experiences and most important, it's priorities safety first.


Aside from the battery and distance talks, JIMOVE RC also equipped with 48V 350W Dynamic Brushless Motor. The maximum speed is capable up to 50KM/H, which is more than sufficient for daily usage. With this dynamic brushless motor, it's produces high torque power as well. Its capable to climb up to 30 degree of hill.


JIMOVE RC 35aH is a fully foldable Ebike . It's allow you to fold from handle bar up to the body frame. It will become half of the size after you have full folded and trust us, any car is capable to fit into it.

Products Specifications :

Battery : 48V 35aH Li-Ion Battery Motor : 350W Brushless Motor Tire Size : 14" Pneumatic Tires Brake : Hydraulic Braking System Max Distance : up to 160KM (With Pedal Assist) Max Speed : up to 50Km/H

Max Load : 130KG +-

Charging : 8-9 Hours

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