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HX - X7 Electric Scooter - The Lightest and most portable

There are many electric scooter brands out there and each of the model has its own unique selling point. But when it come to "Lightweight & Portable" , this category has to be HX-X7 model.

HX-X7 is only 13KG in weight . It's the lightest electric scooter ever made in the history and yet, it provide sufficient daily usage specifications for everyone to use.


HX-X7 equipped with 350W Brushless High Performance Motor. It's does come with 3 speed mode such as "Eco , Normal and Sport" mode. Each mode has its own speed limit and with the "Sport" mode, you are able to ride up to 30Km/H in full throttle.

With such a decent 350W brushless motor power, it's capable to climb up to 15 degree angle hill.

The latest upgraded HX-X7 is now equipped with 10 Inch Anti - Skid , Anti - Vibration Automotive grade vacuum tire. Its has the strong shock absorber and easy go through any speed bumps and even pavement.


HX-X7 comes with triple braking system. It's has front Disc Brake system and E-ABS Anti-Lock System. It's able to provide high - efficiency braking and quick response, safe and worry free riding.


It's also comes with basic safety equipment such as front LED Headlight and LED Taillight. Its' produces super bright headlight, high brightness LED light to ensure you have a safe ride in the dark.


One of the unique features is removeable battery. Most of the scooter in the market are not allow to remove battery from the deck or from the frame. HX-X7 is the only electric scooter that comes with removable battery, which is so convenient to charge separately or switch on to another spare battery if available.


As we mentioned, HX-X7 only 13kg in total weight, which included battery as well. It's capable to fold down the stem and lock in on the rear fender.

Product Specifications : Battery : 36V 5ah Lithium Battery

Motor : 350W Brushless Motor Brake : Front Mechanical Brake

Max Distance : 20Km+-

Max Speed : 30Km/H+-

Max Load : 110KG +-

Charging : 3-4 Hours

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