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in Review: FIIDO Q1S

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

FIIDO Q1S : Cute, Compact, Fun to Ride and Light Weight E-Bike

In this Fiido Q1S review, you'll find out a new class of seated electric bike that is part of fun, utility and merging some of the great features of E-Bike. Without going any further, below are some key features photo :


The Fiido Q1S is an astonishing fun riding in a chill way. The twist throttle is so simple and easy to operate, the acceleration is smooth and the brakes are responsive. Build with 250W geared motor you'll feel more torque transferred to the chassis (slightly noisy).

Not only it is fun to ride, it is also easy to bring around and also no sweat while loading into your vehicle as it only weighs 18kg.

Riding Performance (Acceleration , Top Speed , Distance and Hill Climbing)

The Fiido Q1S e-Bike has a decent acceleration for its speed. It can reach up to maximum 25km/h, acceleration time is approximately 6.5 - 6.7 seconds. It's not the fastest e-bike in town but it able to give you sufficient power to travel within the community. It also capable to climb up a hill of average 10º incline, but is going to go at a slow pace.

Likely in part because of it's rather low top speed, Fiido Q1S e-Bike has a good range for a daily commute. It can travel up to 30km maximum distance with 10AH Lithium Battery that provide sufficient daily riding experience. However, actual range will be vary depending on the rider weight, riding style and terrain.

Braking System

Safety always come first. We noticed the braking system for Fiido Q1S is excellent and very solid. With the dual mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear, we hardly noticed an uncomfortable feeling during emergency brake. It has an excellent stopping distance. The 12 inch pneumatic tires also gives you a relaxed and comfortable ride on uneven terrains.


The Fiido Q1S E-Bike has a fairly small folded footprint, as the handlebars allow you to fold down and to the side of the center compartment. You can't complain too much on folding area as it's still an e-Bike, but what is really impressive is the weight. Short to say, you are capable to carry this E-Bike anywhere without really using your strength too much and able to fit in any car truck without any hassle.


The Fiido Q1S E-Bike comes with only one headlight mounted over the front wheel and no other lighting system. There is a small reflector over the rear wheel, but it only can be seen during night riding. It's also doesn't come with rear braking light system. Therefore, other road user will not have any indicator that you're slowing down. However, with anything less means there's opportunity. It has a wide range of rear light you can opt for especially the signal light, which is very useful for other road user to notice it. Lucky to say , we do have plenty of lights you can choose on from our store !!

Storage You don't need to spend a single cent for extra compartment for storage purpose, as Fiido Q1S come along with Front bucket basket, Child Seat, Middle carriage bag. It provides you sufficient storage for your daily commute.

Security Alarm

The Fiido Q1S equipped with a security alarm system that is control by the key fobs. The key fobs arms and disarm the alarm system, and also allow you to power up the Fiido Q1S. The first time the alarm will sounds, it stay for a short brief period. If is continuing disturbed shortly after, the alarm will stay on for a longer period. This functions give you peace of mind.


We found out the Fiido Q1S is very fun to ride and suitable for family usage. With itss build and features, you can't complain too much as it still provide sufficient power and safety for your daily commute. It's not the fastest e-Bike in town but it gives you the sufficient torque and distance which you can never ask for . Overall, we give a positive thumbs up of this e-bike and you can't go wrong with Fiido Q1S.


  • Overall dimension: 1140*2602*1060mm (unfolded),1140*310*700mm (folded)

  • Power: 250W Geared Motor

  • Battery: 36V 10AH Lithium Battery

  • Charging time: 5-6 Hours

  • Max distance: 30±KM

  • Max speed: 25 KM/H

  • Brake type: Front & Rear Disc

  • Max load: 120±KG

  • Tire size: 12" Pneumatic tires

  • Battery Indicator display: Yes

  • Lights: Yes

  • Rear Air Shock Suspension

  • Front Spring Suspension

  • LED Headlight with Horn

  • Foldable

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