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Here we are on another new year with new resolutions and new goals. Why not complete your home with the new convenient way of travelling around your neighbourhood? or even to work or to your nearest convenient store.

Going to the nearest garden or clubhouse or even for a short breeze at the park to take a break to spend time with your loved ones. Going green with zero carbon footprint is the new trend for a better cleaner future.

We are also introducing new electric bicycle and electric scooter to our product range. A 20" electric bicycle from ADO (A Dece Oasis) and fat tire version for those looking for a rugged looking bike. This brand is the next new hit to the market as the specification are complete with all features that one needs.

In this month is also our electric scooter range from Hiley Scooter. A reputation and history of building great built scooter, EFORGE will be featuring the Tiger and X series range of Tiger 10 Pro and Maxspeed X9S. Great for those looking for the latest and a higher range than the usual basic range scooters.

Swing by EFORGE Bikes to grab this exclusive offer till the end of January 2022.

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