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NAMI Burn-E 2 Max

NAMI Burn-E 2 Max

SKU: NAMI Burn E 2 Max

Introducing the brand-new NAMI BURN-E 2Max. Highly anticipated this scooter is one of the most innovative and highest quality developments in the ultra performance category of electric scooters. Developed based on community requests and feedback, the BURN-E eliminates the weak points of other scooters in the same sector and delivers a smooth, powerful and safe riding experience.


Two powerful 1500W motors with a peak output of 8400W deliver awesome torque and thrilling acceleration up to 100km/h. Equipped with a large 72V 40Ah battery with Lithium cells, the BURN-E can reach a maximum range of 145km ( constant 30km/h, 72kg rider) and a realistic range of around 80km.


Similarly powerful as the motors are its full hydraulic 160mm disc brakes. Combined with the integrated electric brake with adjustable intensity, they reliably bring the scooter to a halt. 


Paying specific attention to the community, NAMI integrated innovative technology in its newest scooter. The BURN-E features a large, waterproof smart display which lets riders adjust many settings according to their preferences. You can choose between 5 different ride modes including turbo mode for extra power and fun. On top of that, you can independently adjust the acceleration strength of the front and rear motor and the intensity of the electric brake.


Two adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil-shock suspensions and 11-inch tubeless 90/65-6.5 tires (available in street or off-road) make for a smooth ride in any territory. A powerful 2000 lumen headlight, side LED strips and a rear brake light are part of the all-round lighting system for a safe commute in the dark. 


High-quality parts from its core to the details make the BURN-E one of the most interesting scooters in its class. A heat-treated aviation grade welding frame in one piece, a full carbon fiber steering column and polished stainless steel parts give the scooter its robust structure, designed for high speeds and durability.


Weighing a proud 47kg, the BURN-E is a bit lighter that comparable models in its class and has a newly designed wobble free folding mechanism which allows a relatively compact transportation.


Check out our unboxing here.

  • Specifications

    Overall dimension: 1346*622*1447mm

    Power: 1500W X2  Brushless Motor (Peak 8400W)

    Battery: 72V 40AH Lithium Battery (LG)

    Charging time: 6-7 Hours (Dual Charger)

    Max distance: 120±KM

    Max speed: 100±KM/H

    Brake type: NUTT Hydraulic Brakes+ EBS

    Max load: 150±KG

    Tire size: 11" Tubeless tires

    Battery Indicator display: Yes

    Lights: Yes

    Suspensions: Front & Rear

    Weight: 47KG

  • Unique Features

    Performance - two 50A controllers deliver a 8400W peak output for exhilarating acceleration and a top speed of 60mph.

    Innovative - IP55 rated scooter with fully waterproof smart display offering independent adjustment of riding dynamics for each controller 

    Safety - adjustable 160mm NUTT full hydraulic disc brakes with cooling fin pads combined with a built-in full light system for a safe commute day and night.

    Quality - aviation grade aluminum welded frame with solution and aging heat treatment, full carbon fiber steering column, polished stainless steel parts.

    Maximum comfort - strong and high-quality suspension with rebound adjustment for different road conditions make for a smooth ride.

    Easy maintenance - smart cable system, with quick-connectors both on top and inside the deck, for quick and easy maintenance or repair.

    Large, waterproof smart display is packed with features and allows riders to choose between 5 fully customizable riding modes.

    Independent settings for the two controllers, allowing the rider to separately adjust torque and acceleration of the motors to fit personal riding preferences.

    Adaptive cruise control, which allows you to activate, increase and decrease your cruising speed with the push of a button.

  • Additional Items Provided

    User manual

    2 sets of charger

    EFORGE exclusive handlebag

  • Warranty Period

    We cover 6 months limited warranty for this model

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