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ENGWE Engine Pro

ENGWE Engine Pro

ENGWE company has unveiled the new ENGINE PRO folding Fat e-bike with a 750W brushless motor, 16AH lithium battery, 20 inch fat tyre wheels and a 8-speed transmission.


ENGWE e-bikes are designed to promote a new, stress-free, fun and fulfilling way of moving and getting around, both in everyday life and on vacation; enabling an attractive lifestyle.


Also the new fat e-bike by ENGWE brand tells this philosophy as it is a bike, originally born to ride on soft surfaces such as sand, snow and gravel, and became in recent months a real fashion phenomenon; rapidly spreading especially since the pedal assisted has made it much less tiring to “push” the big wheels that characterize every fat bike.


It follows that today ENGWE’s ENGINE PRO proposal aims first of all to offer an answer to the desire and the pleasure of being noticed in the city, riding a very fashionable and stylish e-bike, a sort of SUV on two wheels. At the same time with ENGINE PRO we want to ensure maximum comfort and safety for movement in the urban “jungle”, and therefore allows you to avoid the stress of the car and the current risks related to the use of public transport.


The large tires (20 inch*4) and the shock-absorbed fork are a guarantee of comfort and reliability, as they are able to significantly dampen the jumps on the dreaded cobblestones and streetcar tracks, the driving stability of the e-bike allows you to face without fear other obstacles typical of city streets: potholes and wet asphalt will not scare you anymore!


The top of the range version of ENGWE ENGINE PRO also features a 48V performance motor and an 8-speed gearbox, which allow you to pedal with determination on any slope; it is also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that ensure high responsiveness of the e-bike to the unexpected stops and goes of urban traffic.


The duration can be observed from the convenient color display located on the handlebars, which also allows you to manage the powerful 36V headlights, able to ensure a safe use of the e-bike even in night light conditions.


Comfort and safety therefore consecrate the fat e-bike as the ideal companion to move around the city without stress and without risk!

  • Specifications

    Overall dimension: 1670*570*1320mm (unfolded) / 760*660*350mm (folded)

    Power: 750W Brushless Motor

    Battery: 48V 16AH Lithium Battery

    Charging time: 7-8 Hours

    Max distance: 45±KM (Pedal Assist Mode 60±KM)

    Max speed: 50±KM/H

    Brake type: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

    Max load: 150±KG

    Tire size: 20"x 4 Pneumatic Fat Tires

    Battery Indicator display: Yes

    Lights: Yes

    Suspension: Front & Rear

    Weight: 33KG

  • Unique Features

    Front & Rear shock suspension

    LED headlight with horn

    Shimano 7-speed shifting

    5 level pedal assist mode

    Removable Battery

  • Additional Item Provided

    User manual


  • Warranty Period

    We cover 1 year limited warranty for this model

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