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When it comes to folding Electric Bicycle with Small and Compact size, it has to be JIMOVE MC Series. This E-Bike is all rounded where you can actually riding it with Fully Electric Mode or Pedal Assist Mode. Nevertheless, you still can perform manual cycling method whenever the battery is completely depleted. What a bonus !


What so different about JIMOVE MC Series Ebike comparing to other model? Well, it uses a strong Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame that makes it solid and lightweight. Lets forget about the metal frame anymore. The weight of this Ebike is only 22.5KG but its able to withstand maximum of 150KG weight load. This sturdy yet light weight frame definitely gives you more pleasure and convenient while carrying in and out from your car truck.


JIMOVE MC Series E-BIKE uses the upgraded graphene Lithium Battery. It adopt Nano-Level Waterproof and Flame-Retardant Battery Box, which can hold up to 52 Graphene batteries.

This Lithium Battery has enough capacity and mileage for your daily commute. With a single charged, you are able to travel up to 30km (Fully Electric Mode) and maximum of 50km(Pedal Assist mode) by using 8ah battery capacity. Aside from that, it also equipped with exclusive fast charger which able to reduced about 60% of the time.


As we mentioned earlier, JIMOVE MC Series is one of the best choice for smaller size of Folding E-Bike. It uses pure 304 High-Strength folding mechanism, which allow you to use one-second locking time to achieve 50% higher than the bending and locking strength on the market.


Another convenient part is having the removable battery from the E-BIKE. With this function, you are able to charge the battery anywhere and anytime that you wish for. Its so convenient that even if you are staying in high rise building, you are still able to perform by removing only the battery from the E-Bike without any hassle.


The best part of JIMOVE MC Series E-Bike is fully foldable. You are able to perform the folding from the body up to the stem. Its so convenient that you are able to fit into any car truck and it will not take up much space for your home too!

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